Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello Summer!

Can you believe it is almost July! With the coming of summer, we are excited to share the new classroom themes with you. For the summer months each classroom has a different theme, there is a dinosaur room, a beach room and a camping room. Each room has a variety of activities, games and toys to keep the kiddos engaged and motivated!

First, let's check out the campground...

 Now let's head to the beach...

Finally, let's take a walk in the prehistoric park...

*** Parents and family, just a reminder that we have an open door policy so please feel free to stop by anytime! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Police Visit with Officer Patty!

Last week, police officer Patty came to STA and gave a presentation on what police officers wear, what they do and how they help people. During her presentation, the kids got to try on her police hat and see her police badge.  As well, the kids had the opportunity to take turns sitting in her police vehicle. It was a lot of fun!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Lovely Letter L

The focus this week during Letter Time was the letter L.
Here are some of the fun activities that we did:

We made a Llama for craft
We built the letter L out of blocks

We made a lava lamp together as a group 

We also watched a fun video about the letter L.
While watching the video we practiced doing lunges and leg lifts!

Visit to the Doctor's

For most of our kiddos, going to the doctor's can be a painful experience and involve the doctor touching their face or skin which can be very stressful. It's important for our kiddos to practice going to the doctor's when they are not sick or hurt to ensure their future visits are positive!

This week, we practiced going for a doctor's visit. We went to the Child Development Centre (CDC). We all waited in the receptionist area and then one by one the kids were called to go see the doctor. Each visit was unique to the child but for the most part the "doctor" (one of the wonderful employees at CDC) exposed the kids to everything they would experience in a typical doctor's visit.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Fire Station Outing

This week we were lucky enough to go on an outing to the Red Meadows Fire Station. The fire fighters talked to the kids about fire safety, then they showed them what firefighters wear and showed them some of the equipment they use. After the interactive presentation the kids got to sit in the fire truck and hang out with the firefighters!

A big thank you to Red Meadows Fire Station and all the helpful firefighters that made our visit so memorable! 
A firefighter putting on his gear

One of the fire trucks the kids sat in
Inside the fire station
Sitting in the fire truck!

Father's Day Party

Happy Father's Day from STA! We had a great afternoon, there were lots of activities set-up from craft making, to fishing, to jumping in the Bouncy Castle, to face painting. Thanks to all the dads and family that were able to come and spend the afternoon with us. And to all the dads who were unable to make it we hope you enjoy your picture frames and the cute pictures inside!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Our beautiful butterflies!

 Our caterpillars have turned into butterflies! Today we rounded up everyone and went outside to release the them. The butterflies have caused great excitement in the classroom. It has been interesting to see the kid's reactions to them. The pictures below show the final journey of our butterflies:

Still in it's chrysalis...waiting for it to change into a butterfly

Finally it became a butterfly!

Moving them outside to be released

Taking off the lid and letting them fly away

Firefighters, Dentists, Police Officers...Oh My!

Our classroom change over this month has brought with it a variety of community helpers! Throughout this month, students will engage in a variety of activities that relate to community helpers. They will have the opportunity to explore and discover what various community helpers do, what they wear and where they work. Check out a few of the the fun activities the kids can do:

Go for a check-up at the dentist's office
Practice STOP DROP and ROLL
Build a city
Firefighter Bowling
Go to the doctor's office
Practice counting while putting out a fire